2020 – New Year’s Resolution

At the beginning of 2019, I have set goals for the coming year, which I have rarely done so far. 2019 is over now and it is time to look back and see if I have achieved my goals. Use your time and check whether you were able to achieve your goals or resolutions! At the same time, a new year is waiting for us (even a decade) and I would also like to set new goals the new year!

If you haven’t read my New Year’s resolutions for the past year, you can do so here: New Year’s resolutions.

Goals achieved?

The most important question right at the beginning: Have I achieved my goals and fulfilled my resolutions? The answer: partially.

Athletic goals

I have achieved almost all of my athletic goals. I have decided to do a triathlon of the Olympic distance in autumn at the latest. My training went extremely well, which is why I immediately decided to tackle the Olympic distance for my first triathlon (1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling, 10 km running). The event was a great challenge that you can read more about here: #RoadTo: Triathlon – First Triathlon.

At the beginning of the year I also wanted to cover all 3 distances of the Spartan Race and qualify for the Trifecta World Championship. Unfortunately, I only covered 2 distances. Due to some organizational problems with the event management (which has now changed) and time overlaps with my vacation, I did not register for the last distance.

Instead, however, I took up the challenge of the 400 toughest meters in the world and took part in the Red Bull 400 again. You can read more about this here: #RoadTo: Red Bull 400 – Again?

Personal goals

I have decided to take more time for myself and to play the piano at least once a week. At the beginning of the year I started very motivated and played the piano several times a week. Unfortunately, after a little over a month I stopped and I haven’t played the piano ever since.

Alternatively, however, I read a lot about personal development and changed my perspective on many things. One book that had a special impact on me was definitely The Big Five For Life – What really matters in life by John Strelecky. I would recommend EVERYONE to take the time to read this amazing book (as well as all other books by John Strelecky).

I was also able to deepen some friendships and intensify old friendships again, both things that are very important to me (in retrospect) and developments that I am very happy about!

Academic goals

The past year was very successful for me academically. I was able to successfully complete all exams for my bachelor’s degree. I also received a spot for a seminar at the chair I preferred and was able to complete a seminar paper on my preferred topic. In the course of this I dealt intensively with the topic of “Smart Cities” and was able to pursue this interest privately at an extremely interesting event (foreign policy talks at Schloss Hernstein about of Smart Cities).

Most recently, I also received a spot for a bachelor’s thesis at the same chair and can write further work about the topic of Smart Cities. f I do not encounter any difficulties, I will therefore be able to complete my bachelor’s degree in April 2020!

I also started learning French to broaden my linguistic horizons.

Goals for the new year

For the coming year I would like to set 3 goals. On the one hand I want to do my first middle distance triathlon in Zell am See / Kaprun at the end of August! The course captivates with a breathtaking landscape and the bike route is one of the top 3 most beautiful triathlon routes in Europe.

I would also like to finish my bachelor’s degree and start my master’s degree.

Lastly, by the end of 2020 I want to reach the level A2 in French and improve my language skills! I want to be able to have a simple conversation in French!

How about you? Have you achieved your resolutions for the past year? What are your goals for 2020? Let me know in the comments!

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