5 tips on how to motivate yourself

Who does not know this feeling: You know that you have to do something, but you just can not get up to tackle the upcoming tasks? Not only in sports, but in every aspect of ​​our lives, we often reach a point where it is difficult to motivate ourselves. Especially with long-term goals it often happens that you ask yourself: Why am I actually doing this?

I am not different, working out several times a week, a full time job, a part time study and time for friends and family as well. Many times I’ve had toovercome my inner temptation and motivate myself and I want to give you some tips, how I managed to do that.


Think back to why you even started. Do you need to motivate yourself to study, then think of your original motivation to start your studies and what fascinated you at that time? If you want to motivate yourself to work out in the evening after work, think back on why you have started to train, what you have already achieved and what you still want to achieve. Even if the way to get there is not always easy, the goal is worth it!

Plan ahead

One reason for a lack of motivation is often, that you do not know exactly when you will be done with a task or how much time you have to invest. Think about what to do, structure the tasks you need to do so you can estimate how much time you need to invest. If you know when you will be done, it will also be easier to complete the tasks, as you have a specific end time in mind!

Positive thoughts

For difficult tasks, you have probably already experienced for yourself that you tend to think in a negative way. During an exhausting workout, you may have already found yourself at a point where you thought you already worked out enough and skipped the last exercise. After a long day of studying, you may have already caught yourself thinking that you have studied enough and that you can not concentrate anyway. Do not allow such negative thoughts, try to replace them with positive ones!


In my opinion , this is probably the most important aspect for self-motivation. Try to build a routine. Schedule fixed training days a week, determine when you want to learn or integrate other activities that you want to motivate yourself for into your weekly schedule. Once you get used to a routine, you often do not even need to motivate yourself because you’ve already gotten used to the routine!


Despite every tip mentioned above, there is often a point where a little break is necessary. If nothing else helps and you can not motivate yourself, then turn your attention to other things. Take a walk outside, or relax. A short distraction can help a lot of times and afterwards it will be much easier to motivate yourself anew!

How do you motivate yourself and what goals do you want to motivate yourself for? Tell me in the comments!
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