5 tips to stay fit at home

Due to the current situation, many of us cannot go to the gym right now. Few of us have a fully equipped home-gym and many people do not own any equipment at all. Because of that, home workouts are currently very popular, but not everyone is motivated to train with their own body weight. That’s why I’ll tell you 5 tips to stay fit at home in these difficult times!

Go for a walk

In the past few months, many people I know have discovered walking as a hobby and that’s no surprise! Many of us are currently working from home and when you spend the whole day at home, many of us inevitably want to get some fresh air. Walking is a great way to stretch your legs and get active after a day working from home!

I try to take a long walk every day and take about 10,000 steps, something I can usually accomplish without any problems on a regular work day. You should not underestimate the effects of regular walking on your health! After a few days without my usual walks, I noticed that I was missing something and my motivation decreased. That is why I recommend to go for a long walk every day


Even if you are not motivated for bodyweight workouts – who can resist a fitness challenge? And to make sure you stick with it, invole your friends! For example, at the beginning of the year I did a pushup challenge with friends. The goal was for us to complete a total of 10,000 push-ups in one week!

We agreed upon different daily goals for each person, depending on their fitness level. If someone could not achieve their daily goal, the other participants covered their amount of pushups. Due to the shared goal, everyone was motivated to do their part and nobody wanted to let the others down. At the end of the week, some were so motivated that we were able to far exceed our goal!

Another alternative are fitness challenges on online platforms such as Strava. Here you will find a wide variety of challenges from walking and running to cycling that you can participate in. With a specific goal in mind, you’ll be more motivated to stay active!


I think each of us has at least one “skill” that we want to be able to do “one day”. Be it a handstand, the L-sit or a special push-up variation. What all these skills have in common: You have to invest a lot of time and maybe even adjust your training schedule to master the skill. If you are like me, you will rarely make these changes to your training or invest the time needed to practice such a skill.

But now is the time to practice this skill! Working out like you used to is out of the question right now, so why not use the time and to practice a specific skill? Find one of the many YouTube tutorials and start your training right now!


Stretching may also be a skill, but many do not consider it to be a “sport”. But one thing’s for sure: Stretching is something most of us neglect! Stretching is extremely important for each of us – whether active in sports or not. To start off, you can read more about the importance of stretching in my blog post, Stretching and mobilizing.

Now is the time to devote yourself to stretching and to work on your flexibility! If you don’t know where to start, you can check out my Top 5 stretching exercises!


In any case, it is important to establish habits. If you are currently working from home you could get up at your usual time, but use the time until you start work for a long walk. Use the time you would normally go to the gym for your skill training, your fitness challenge or for stretching at home!

Stick to it consistently and soon you will subconsciously get used to this “ritual” and it will become a habit for you! Whether in the gym or not, you can always do something for your health and stay active!

Bleib gesund und pass auf dich auf ~

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