A desk for more productivity

Productivity is an issue I’ve recently shown an increasing interest into. To increase my productivity, I removed my homegym to make room for a desk. Read on if you are interested into my reasons for this decision and the improvements I expect from setting up a dedicated workspace.

A dedicated workspace

In the past years I did not have a dedicated workspace. If I wanted to work on my projects and study for university, I mostly did this at the dining table. I gathered my work materials and cleaned them up after my work was done.

Many times I thought that I would like to have my own workplace to save the time of unnecessarily gathering my working materials. After reading “Getting things done” by David Allen, I finally decided that I wanted to put that idea into action. Due to space reasons, my homegym had to give way, but that was worth it.

Surveys show the average person loses an hour a day to disorganization. Lisa Zaslow

The fact that I have to “rebuild” my workplace every time, the inhibition threshold to tackle a new task is often great. For tasks that only take a few minutes, for example, I think twice about whether it’s really worthwhile to set my laptop up. However, if a set up workspace is ready for you, it’ll be a lot easier to tackle such tasks.

My desk

For me it was important to have a clean and minimalist workplace. A second screen, which I already learned to appreciate in my professional life, was just as compulsory. A laptop stand to have both of my screens at about the same height was just as important to me as an ergonomic swivel chair.

A desk lamp to illuminate my workspace and take me through long, busy nights is a no brainer. It’s rounded off with a pair of wireless speakers and a mouse and keyboard. I set a green accent with a ficus bonsai. Contrary to many desk setups, it was important to me to use a real plant. It is a good feeling to have some “life” in a very technical workplace.


Was it worth it to remove my homegym and set up a dedicated workplace? I can safely answer this question with a clear YES. My productivity has definitely increased. Apart from the fact that it is now easier for me to tackle, especially small, tasks immediately, I generally work with a better feeling at home nowadays.

Knowing where the required materials are and “simply being able to work without having to gather everything saves not only time, but also energy. And I can use this energy efficiently for my projects.

As a replacement for my homegym, I signed up for the John Harris gym. It was a good decision for my training as I have so many opportunities now, I could’ve never realised in my homegym.

In addition to numerous machines and the ability to perform my Olympic Lifting units now more efficiently, I am particularly excited about the wellness area of the studios. In addition to the pool, in which I can perform my swim training much more efficiently than in the public baths of vienna, the sauna visit after each workout is an excellent addition!

If you are interested in what John Harris Studios do offer, you should know the following:

Until 20 September, 22:00, John Harris will gift you with €200 when you sign up for a new membership!

If you are interested in a membership, now is the right time to go for it!

If you have further questions about my desk or the components I use, let me know in the comments!

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