Book recommendation – The Big Five For Life: Leadership’s Greates Secret

As you may know, I read a lot about productivity and personal development. Recently I’ve read the book “The Big Five For Life: Leadership’s Greates Secret” by John Strelecky, which provided me with some interesting insights. I would like to share these with you and perhaps also encourage you to read this great book.

Life as a museum

What if every day of our life was cataloged? The way we felt, the people we saw, how we spent our time. And at the end of our life a museum was built. It was built to show exactly how we lived our life.
If we spent 80% of our time with things, thoughts or activities we didn’t like or could not enjoy, then 80% of the museum would show pictures, quotes and little video sequences of different dissatisfactory and unhappy moments of our life.
If we loved the outdoors, or spending time with our kids or friends, or celebrating life with our significant other, but only spent 2% of our life fueling those loves, then no matter how hard we wished it to be different, only 2% of our museum would be dedicated to that. Imagine what it would be like to walk through that museum toward the end of your life. To view the videos, listen to the audio, look at the pictures. How would you feel knowing that for the rest of eternity, that museum would be how you were remembered? John Strelecky

This, seemingly simple, thought has been bothering me for a long time, because no matter how much you want to do something, only what you have actually done would be seen in your museum. And who does not want to find a museum full of great memories at the end of his life?

But, at least for me, it seems that everyday life does not want me to experience great things all the time. The things you want to do are often postponed and your own goals and dreams are always far away. But why? Why not do things that you want to do right away? Why not experience great times?

After thinking about it I came up with a simple answer: habit. I am, as probably many people are, a human of habit and I do not like venturing out of my comfort zone. And that’s exactly the problem, at least in my opinion. Occasionally you just have to jump into the cold water and chase your dreams. The first step out of your comfort zone is often far easier than you may think!

Imagine: What is the worst thing that can happen if you take a step and it does not work. You’ll often find that the consequences are not as severe as you might think – by far! For a long time, for example, I resisted living in another country for a while. Why? Friends, family, job. My everyday life takes place in Vienna. I know my way around and feel comfortable.

Living in another country would certainly be a great experience, but habit prevents me from leaping into the cold water. But if I really did take the step and lived in another country for a while, what could happen? I could feel so comfortable there that I do not want to go back. And if I do not like it? Then I’ll just come back. When I read that, it does not sound that bad. So ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that can happen if your project fails? You’ll see that it’s usually not that bad 😉.

Big Five For Life

Imagine, your life would be a game. And you only won the game if you achieved five things that are important to you. What would these five things be? John Strelecky

What would your Big Five For Life be? What are 5 things that you would like to do or experience in your life? Once occupied with the thought, I realized that it is not easy to define your own Big Five For Life. After all, it’s about things that you want to have achieved in your life. The Big Five For Life are a benchmark for a successful and fulfilling life. And you set that standard for yourself.

A scope that long, the whole life, makes it so hard for me to determine my Big Five For Life. After all, it’s not about some intermediate goals that you want to achieve in your life. When you have achieved these 5 things, you could look back and regret nothing at the end of your life. For me, the Big 5 For Life should therefore have a corresponding significance.

There is a place in our soul where we keep our greatest wishes. These wishes are our life goals, our Big Five For Life. John Strelecky

I’ve already found some of my Big Five For Life, but I’m still looking for others. Have you read the book and do you already know your Big Five For Life? Let me know in the comments!

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