Distance Learning – Why?

As Marie von Ebner-Eschenach already said: “He who stops wanting to get better, stops being good“. To want to be better can relate to many areas of our lives, but in this article, I want to specifically cover the academic field. You never stop learning in life, there are always new areas you can learn about or existing knowledge that you can deepen.

There are many reasons for further education. For example, for career advancement nowadays, an academic degree is necessary in many professional fields. But many, including myself, find themselves in a situation where a regular on-campus program cannot fit into their schedule (be it because you are already bound in employment or you are limited in time for another reason). Maybe that is the case for you as well?

Just about 3 years ago I found myself in a situation where I felt the desire to further my academic education – specifically in the field of computer science or business informatics. Since I’ve been working full-time for 4 years already, I did not want to reduce my current standard of living and knew about the importance of work experience for my future career, an on-campus program was not an option for me.

After extensive research, I discovered numerous offers for distance learning in various fields. The advantage: little or no attendance, studying takes place on your own and minor assessments can be submitted online or by mail. Numerous university reviews and reports later, I came to a conclusion: A distance learning program in the field of business informatics. And here I am, more than 3 years later, have I regretted my decision? No, I haven’t.

Granted, distance learning is certainly not an option for everyone. During the whole term there are very few fixed points for studying and it can quickly happen (in a lack of initiative and motivation) that at the end of the term you missed to prepare for your exams properly.

Also, you must be aware that it is, though a distance learning course, still is a regular academic study and the time required for studying must not be underestimated. In addition to professional challenges or other time-consuming task in your everyday life, this can become a burden in the long term.

But if you can easily motivate yourself, consider yourself as determined and consistent and you are thinking about further educating yourself despite your stressful everyday life, I can only advise you to consider the possibility of distance learning. You cannot get this degree of flexibility with any other variant of a degree program.

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