Getting older

Today’s blogpost is a little different than the posts I usually write. It’s about a thought I’ve had recently which I kept thinking about. Specifically, it’s about getting older (even if I’m still young) and how we change, especially in terms of our activity level.

What it used to be like?

In my childhood no tree was too high and no way too far. I was constantly on the move and climbed onto everything you could (or could not) climb. I ran around sprinting on every hill and raging in every playground. In short: I was very active and always on the go!

What it is like today?

Even if I occasionally climb a tree today, it’s a little different. I am much calmer and far from being so lively. Although I am probably just as active as I was in my childhood, this activity is limited to certain areas of my life (training & sports).

I climb hills much more leisurely outside of my training as well and I generally approach many areas of my life much calmer.

Is this a sign that I am getting older or have I just learned to use my energy more purposefully? I think, it’s a little bit of both.

How do you think about this topic? Have you seen this kind of change in your behavious as well? Let me know in the comments!

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