How to find your sport?

You would like to be athletic or do something for your health or your body, but you simply do not enjoy physical activity? You have tried out many different workout routines, have worked out with friends and attended classes, but still could not find a sport you enjoy? If you feel like that, then read on and I’ll inspire you to find the right sport for you and maybe even show you possibilities, you did not even think about!

One thing is clear, physical activity should be fun. Of course, there are days when it’s hard to motivate yourself and you cannot enjoy your sport as usual, but in the long run, fun should definitely be one of the driving forces behind your physical activity, because something you do not enjoy at all, will be difficult to sustain in the long term.

If you are venturing into the topic of physical activity for the first time, you will surely stumble upon the terms gym or strength training quickly. Various endurance sports such as running or cycling will quickly come to your mind and maybe you have a friend who does yoga. But what if you’ve tried all these sports before, but you just did not enjoy it?

Think outside the box!

First of all, you should realize that any kind of exercise is good for your health or your figure. If your goal is not building lots of muscle or something with a similar effort, then you have a lot of possibilities that may work for you.

Walking or hiking can make a positive contribution to your health already. Swimming is often overlooked, but it’s a great sport with lots of positive effects on your body. Also think about team sports or discover the world of martial arts. Athletics may be for you, or you may love climbing. What I want to say: There are so many ways you can be active, inform yourself and try out a lot fo differen sports!

Introvert or extrovert?

Also important to consider: Do you seek contact with others during physical activity and is it easier for you to motivate yourself in a group, or do you like to work out alone? If the former is the case, you should definitely consider team sports because you are more likely to enjoy physical activity here. However, if you prefer to do sports on your own, then take that into account when choosing your sport and turn to sports such as swimming.

My personal recommendation: Check online what’s available in your city and try it out. Maybe there is a fencing club nearby you can join or a lacrosse team is looking for a new member, sports you did not even think about. I discovered Hapkido that way, a Korean martial art that not only build a solid foundation for my sporting future, but in the course of which I got to know some of my best friends (by the way, I was hesitant before my first training as well).

There is more than just classic endurance sports or a gym membership. And who knows where your way will lead you? In the end, you’ll fall in love with a sport you would never have thought of!

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