Morning routine: Conclusion

Exactly one month ago I decided to establish a morning routine to start my day in a more productive way. If you want to know what kind of experiences I have made with my routine, how I stuck to it and some more, then read on!

If you have not read the article on my morning routine yet, then you should read it here: Morning routine.

Pulled through?

The most important question is whether I have stuck to my planned routine the entire month? The answer is basically: Yes! Withthe exception of 2 days, where I took my cold shower in the evening instead of in the morning, I was able do my routine every morning.


Stretching in the morning was a new experience for me as my body was still relatively stiff right after getting up. Because of that stretching was much harder for me compared to the end of the day or after a short warm-up. After a few days however, my body adapted.

After one month I realized that I had already recovered some of my lost flexibility. Stretching in the morning will stay part of my morning routine for sure!

Breathing exercises

Another part of my new routine is to do the breathing exercises of the Wim Hof method in the morning. Although I have practiced this consistently, I did not realize any significant added value for me.

I will probably continue to do the breathing exercises for some time but will also look for alternative methods that I will test during the next few months.

Cold shower

Taking a cold shower is nothing new for me. However, stepping beneath the cold water directly in the morning was certainly a new experience for me! My body, however, adapted to this new stimulus afer a few days. Sometimes, the water does not even feel “cold” to me, but is actually pretty pleasant.

The cold shower will also stay part of my morning routine!

What to change?

Apart from the fact that I would like to search for alternative breathing exercises, I do not plan to change my established morning routine. However, I want to get up a little earlier (I’m getting up at 5:50 right now) to have more time for stretching and a little yoga session.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping a 6-minute diary in which I have invested a few minutes of my time every morning . However, during the past month, I realized that I wanted to focus more on productivity, so I looked for an alternative approach.

After much research, I decided to run a Bullet Journal, which I now spend a few minutes on as well. What a Bullet Journal is and how I have built mine, that will be covered in another blogpost.


I am very happy that I have found a way to stretch regularly again. For a long time I have tried to stretch more often, but unfortunately I rarely succeeded. Integrating this into my morning routine was therefore the optimal solution for me! It is also a great feeling to start every day with some physical activity.

Another positive aspect is that getting up at 05:50 is a lot easier for me than at 06:05. Besides being able to do some things important for me in the morning, it’s even easier to get out of bed – so I killed two birds with one stone!

I think a short morning routine was the right decision for me. Getting up 15 minutes earlier is not an issue for me, and starting my day nowadays definitely feels better than a month ago. A 20 minute routine would also be realistic for me (and I would like to implement one), but anything beyond that is currently too time-consuming for me. After all, sleep is also an important component of an athletic everyday life, which should not be neglected 😉.

Do you have a morning routine as well or want to establish one? Let me know in the comments!
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4 thoughts on “Morning routine: Conclusion

  1. It’s amazing you’ve managed to find the time to stretch. I know what you mean, stretching in the morning is definitely harder than doing it at the end of the day when you are already warmed up.
    I was wondering about the cold shower… I’ve heard about it before, but I have no idea what it is for. What are the benefits and have you noticed them in your experience? Would you recommend it (even in winter)?

    1. Hey Fedy,
      the cold shower is supposed to help you with recovery, strengthening your immune system and increasing your metabolism (amongst other effects). Personally I have noticed the effects concerning recovery time after working out. Furthermore I do think that it “strengthened” my immune system as I’ve not really been sick since taking cold showers (though that might me placebo as well 😉 ).
      I would recommend taking a cold shower as I think that there are certain mental benefits as well (it’s not easy to do, especially in the morning and starting of the day with such a mindset can be quite beneficial – at least in my opinion). I’d continue to take cold showers even in the winter. To start off you could shower as usual and finish with 10-20 seconds of cold water (that’s how I did it).
      PS: I’ve got a blogpost covering the Wim Hof Method (including the cold shower) as well.
      Before I started taking cold showers:
      My conclusion on the method:

  2. Hi Stefan,
    thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
    I’ve heard of the Wim Hof Method before, but reading about your experience is making me consider really trying it out! I am going to start taking cold showers tomorrow in the morning then, I want to test this on myself too (guess summer is also the best time of the year to start haha).
    So inspired by your consistency and dedication! Keep it up. xx

    1. Good luck and I hope you can stick to it! Let me know about your experiences with the Wim Hof Method!
      Glad I could inspire you! 🙂

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