Morning routine

How you start your day is what numerous sources call the key to success and a productive day. Your morning routine will determine how you approach your upcoming day. I already have an existing morning routine that I want to change and optimize however. Join me during the next 4 weeks as I try to establish my new routine!

My current routine

Most of the days my morning starts at 6:00 am with my alarm clock ringing. I get up, get dressed and drink a big glass of water. Then I do my morning hygiene and write into my 6-minute diary, something I’ve started at the beginning of this year.

Then I prepare my breakfast (most of the time eggs) and finally make my way to work. On the way to work, I read almost every day – that’s usually the only time of day when I have time to read.

Due to my roster, this morning routine changes every Monday, Wednesday, and occasionally Friday so that I already do part of my workout in the morning.

What do I want to change?

For a long time I’ve been wanting to focus more on stretching again. In my prime time as a martial artist, I was quite flexible, which unfortunately has deteriorated greatly over the years. So every morning I will start with a 5-10 minute yoga or stretching session.

In addition, I will also integrate the Wim Hof method, which I still practice daily, into my morning routine. If you do not know what the Wim Hof method is, be sure to check out the following blog post: The Wim-Hof method.

Right now I’m taking my cold shower every day, but from now on I’ll consistently take my cold shower in the morning. Unfortunately, I am not as consistent as I would like to be with my breathing exercises of the Wim Hof-method. Therefore, I will do the breathing exercises in my new routine right after the yoga or stretching session and finish with a cold shower.

The last point I will consider in my routine are my daily goals. I am very consistent with my “big” goals, but I do tend to postpone small, seemingly unimportant tasks unnecessarily, I would like to set up to 3 daily task for myself that, I will complete throughout my day. I will write them down right after writing into my 6-minute diary.

So to sum it up, what does my new morning routine look like?

  • Getting up
  • Drinking a large glass of water (with lemon)
  • 6-minute diary/daily goals
  • Yoga/Stretching
  • Breathing exercises
  • Cold shower
  • Morning hygiene
  • Making breakfast

Do you have a morning routine or do you want to establish one? Let me know me how you are doing and what you would do differently!
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