Review 2018

2018 was an eventful year and therefore I want to use this blog post to review the past year and to think back on what I’ve achieved before tackling the coming year with even bigger athletic and private goals and projects!

One of my biggest projects last year was certainly starting this blog about fitness, nutrition and work-life balance, which I’ve updated weekly for almost half a year now. The decision to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years with you was, on the one hand, associated with a lot of work, but on the other hand, gave me new perspectives on sporting topics that I could benefit from. Also, it gives me great pleasure to pass on my knowledge and I am curious to see where this path will lead to!

In addition, I have decided to finally tackle one of my biggest goals to date, the completion of a triathlon, which meant a massive change in my weekly training as well as numerous other challenges for me. Since endurance training only had a minor spot in my weekly training and above all, swimming was not part of my training routine at all, I was able to gain a lot of experience and learn quite a bit while preparing for a triathlon.

Also, I participated in RedBull 400, the most physically and mentally tough competition of my past year. However, the great atmosphere and the uniqueness of this extreme athletic challenge motivated me so much, that this was definitely not my last Red Bull 400 – but next time with a longer preparation phase!

In addition, after a long break, I started to participate in obstacle courses such as the Spartan Race or the Wildsau Dirt Run once again. Especially the Spartan Race convinced me with its good organization and the great course so you will surely read some articles on that topic next year. Also, preparing for these competitions can be perfectly combined with my triathlon training, since running longer distances is a regular part of my weekly training anyway. In the course of my weekly strength training and bouldering, I can prepare for the numerous obstacles as well.

Not only in the field of sports but for my academic goals there have been some updates as well. After 2 stressful semesters, I am currently in the 7th out of 9 semesters and nearing the completion of my part-time undergraduate studies which will certainly bring some change into my life. This also brings me closer to the decision about my master’s degree program, which I will need to focus on in 2019.

What has happened to you this year? Have you achieved your goals? Let me know in the comments!
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