#RoadTo: Red Bull 400

Are you trying to find the right sport for you or are just looking for a new athletic challenge? Then my #RoadTo series is just right for you! Here I will talk about special sports events I participate in and my training on the way there.

The first event I would like to introduce to you is “Red Bull 400”. This is probably the toughest 400m sprint in the world, characterized by an extreme gradient and extreme altitude over such a short distance.

I will participate in the event in Bischofshofen, where the event takes place on the famous “Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze”, the biggest ski jump of the 4-Hills-tournament. At the steepest, the hill challenges you with an incline of 72 degrees and a difference in altitude of 140 meters must be completed over the distance of 400m, admittedly quite a challenge!

Currently, sprints are only rarely part of my weekly training and if I sprint, then at a higher frequency but at a shorter distance (about 10x100m sprints). Therefore, my planned preparation for this event looks like this:

  • 1x weekly ~ 5×500 sprints in the plane to get used to the longer sprint distance
  • 1x weekly ~ 5x1km intervals with fast pace and incline to get used to the slope while running

As soon as I am used to the longer sprint distance, I will slowly transition from 5×500 sprints in the plane to steeper terrain to prepare myself accordingly and to be up to the challenge on the day of the competition.

I did not set concrete goals for this event, I just want to be satisfied with my own performance and am looking forward to my participation in this kind of special running event for the first time!

Do you also feel like participating in such an event? Tell me in the comments if you are also there and if you want to read more posts about various sporting events and new sports!
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