#RoadTo Sparta: Winter Spartan

Who are you? Spartans!!! With these words, one of the most unique sporting events I have ever attended – the Winter Spartan Race in Kaprun – started. Since it is one of my goals for this year to win all three parts of the Trifecta medal, I could not miss this race and so, together with a friendly Spartan, I registered for the super distance.

However, the first challenge of this event started about a week before the race itself. The snow conditions in Austria worsened day by day, so that many places were evacuated and numerous roads were closed, some roads for our journey to Kaprun as well. It was not sure, that we could travel to Kaprun and that the race would even take place.
Because of that I was reliefed as I read the organizer’s message the day before the race, that it would take place as planned. During our journey we did not encounter major problems as well, so that we were ready for the race the following day!

Due to illness, I could not run for about a month and I only trained occasionally, but nevertheless, I felt ready for the challenge of the Winter Spartan Race.

The race itself was great! An extremely interesting course with breathtaking snowy landscape and, as always, great obstacles. Quickly, however, I noticed my lack of training and also, that I focused on maximum strength and basic stamina during my workouts recently.
Because of that the snowy slopes, in addition to the fact that I had very little grip with my shoes, proved to be more difficult than expected – and there were a lot of slopes as about 500 meters altitude in completely snow-covered terrain had to be conquered.

While running on flat terrain however, I regained some strength and I was able to handle most of the 25 obstacles without any problems. I only failed the javelin throw and the snowball throw. The challenging climbing obstacles, that most of the participants had problems with, were fairly easy for me.

Exhausted but happy, I finished the race in 141st place out of 884 participants, a result I am very happy with!

I’ve also been able to make out some points for improvement for future races. In the first place: New footwear, especially for racing in such snowy conditions.
In addition, I’ve noticed my missing HIIT and interval training sessions which I will definitely focus on again! Also, I would like to include hill sprints into my training schedule that have not been an active part of my routine since I prepared for RedBull 400.

Did you also participate in Winter Spartan? What experiences have you made? Let me know in the comments!
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