The 6-minute diary

At the beginning of last year I mentioned in the blogpost concerning my morning routine that I write in my 6-minute diary every morning. So far I have never gone into this in detail, but if you want to know more about what this is all about, you are interested in the 6-minute diary yourself and want to know how I liked it, then read on!

Busy? Then I’ve summarized the most important information of this blogpost for you.
  • The 6-minute diary promises to be an effective tool for a happier and more fulfilling life.
  • Each day you write about 3 minutes in the morning and in the evening, answering predetermined questions.
  • The concept can be very rewarding if you are ready to get involved and take the time needed.

If you are not familiar with the blogpost about my morning routine, in which I mentioned the 6-minute diary for the first time, you should definitely check it out: Morning routine.

What is the 6-minute diary?

If you are not yet familiar with the concept, this is definitely the first thing you want to know. The 6-minute diary is a journal that promises to change your life. It is said to be an effective means for a happier and more fulfilling life with only an “effort” of 6 minutes a day!

You spend about 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening writing into your diary. Basically, this follows a predetermined structure of questions that are repeated daily. However, every week there are 5 different questions about different areas of your life. At the end of each month there is a monthly check, an assessment of how happy you are in different areas of your life. There is also a habit tracker to help you establish new and positive habits that are important to you.

My experience

At the beginning I was very motivated and used the diary every day. I answered the daily and weekly questions, but rarely used the part for personal notes every week.

I did the monthly check, but didn’t really like it as I think it is very difficult to rate different areas of my life on a scale of 1-10. The concept seems a little too vague and I just don’t think it works for me. I did not use the habit tracker because it is not really difficult for me to establish new habits.

Over time, however, I’ve noticed that answering the daily questions has become a bit monotonous and I’ve often answered the same thing. At some point in summer, I suddenly stopped using the diary. In retrospect, I can’t say exactly why this has happened.

Now a lot has changed in my life recently and I felt the urge to write into the 6-minute diary again. With just over a month left, I started to write in the diary with new vigor and had very positive experiences.

In contrast to when I started with the diary, I took a lot more time in really thinking about the daily questions and not “just answering” them. While I was just looking for something that was a suitable answer in the past, I’m now really trying to think about it in depth. In addition, I use the area for weekly notes more frequently than before.

Does it work?

In general my answer would be: Yes, the diary works BUT…
You have to be ready to get involved and think about the questions. It’s like most things in life: Only when you really devote your whole heart to something will it work.

This can (and will) take longer than 6 minutes a day, but it can be worth it. If you think about the questions carefully, you will notice that less the process of writing down the answers, but rather thinking about the questions themselves can be very rewarding.

Will I continue to use the 6-minute diary?

No, I will not. Even though I basically liked the concept very much and it was certainly a great introduction to the world of daily writing, I am looking for a somewhat more flexible concept. I would like to use many parts of the 6-minute diary, but leave out the ones that did not work for me, such as the monthly check or the habit tracker.

However, if you are thinking of starting to write daily, the 6-minute diary is definitely a great start! The fixed structure and the comprehensive introduction will definitely make this process a lot easier!
Have fun writing 😉

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