The dumbbell workout-plan

You are looking for a fast and efficient workout plan, that can do at home and do not want to limit yourself to just bodyweight exercises? Then I have exactly the right plan for you, all you need is a dumbbell, some weights and ideally a mat, so that your floor looks the same after your workout as before.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Workout 1 Rest-Day Workout 2 Rest-Day Workout 3 Rest-Day Rest-Day

Workout 1 (Monday)

The first workout consists of 2 circuits, each lasting 7 minutes. You can take a little break in between, but you should complete the two circuits with as few breaks as possible. Choose the weight of the dumbbell so that you can perform all the exercises of the circuit without having to change the weight. Therefore, choose the weight according to the exercise you can move the least weight with. With the exception of the Goblet Squats, all dumbbell exercises are one-armed, so after the specified number of repetitions you change hands and perform the exercise with the other hand again.

  • Dumbbell Floor-Press 5/5
  • Pushups 10
  • Goblet Squats 10
  • Squats 15

7 minutes

  • Dumbbell Row x10
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press x5

7 minutes

Dumbbell Floor Press:

The dumbbell Floor Press is a one-arm bench press with your back on the floor. You do not know how to bench press? Then think about to pushups, except that you are lying on your back pushing a dumbbell and then changing sides.

Goblet Squats:

For Goblet Squats, hold the dumbbell in front of your chest with both hands, stand a little wider than shoulder width and point your toes slightly outwards. In this position, you now perform a squat, the weight always remains at the level of the chest.

Dumbbell Row:

The dumbbell row is done in a slightly bent over position (ideally you can support yourself with one hand on a table or chair). Pick up the dumbbell from the floor and pull with your elbows as close to your body as possible, the dumbbell should move towards your lower ribs. Stop at the highest point and return to the starting position.

Dumbbel Shoulder Press:

The one-armed shoulder press is perform standing or sitting (however you prefer). Hold the dumbbell sideways beside the head, but the elbow should not be in a line next to your head, but point slightly diagonally forward. Now we push the weight above the head and return to the starting position.

Workout 2 (Wednesday)

With the second workout, we focus on strength endurance. Again, we have 2 circuits, which we complete one after another. In between, you can take a short break while keeping the breaks during the circuit to a minimum.

  • Pushups while holding the dumbbell 1-3
  • Dumbbell Row 1-3
  • Backwards Lunge 1-3
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press 1-3

10 minutes

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Kettlebell-Swings with the dumbbell

4 minutes

Once mastered, the first circuit should feel very smooth. During one round you hold the dumbbell in one hand continuously, after the round you repeat the exercises, this time with the other hand. You can choose the number of repetitions per round, I would recommend you to start with one repetition and then increase up to 3 repetitions.

Starting with a pushup, you already hold the dumbbell in one hand and lay it on the floor (ideally on a mat). The different height of your hands during the pushups makes this exercise even more difficult.

Then you get up as explosive as possible (slightly leaning forwards). Pick up the dumbbell from the floor and pull with your elbows as close to your body as possible, the dumbbell should move towards your lower ribs. Stop at the highest point and return to the starting position. If you want, you can support yourself on your knee with your free hand.

The next step is to bring the dumbbell explosively to your shoulder and then perform a backwards lunge with your foot on the same side. Then you return to the starting position.

You already have the dumbbell on your shoulder, now you just have to press it above your head. The elbow should not be in a line next to your head, but rather point slightly forward.

Burpees and Dumbbell-Swings:

You probably know burpees. Easy to explain, not as easy to perform: Pushups und directly followed by a high jump.

Kettlebell Swings can not only be done with a kettlebell, but with a dumbbell as well. Just grab the weight on one side of the dumbbell, hold firmly and start to swing (I usually do it the same way)!

Workout 3 (Friday)

Weighted Pushups 3x Max
Bulgarian Split Squats 3x Max
Renegade Rows 3x Max
Lateral raises followed by Front raises 3x Max

For the last workout of the week, you perform 3 sets of the specified exercise and do as many repetitions as you can do. After a short rest of about 45-60 seconds, you continue with the next exercise!

Weighted Pushups:

If you have dumbbells, you can usually change the weight, so you can also remove the weights and put 1-2 plates onto your back (with a little practice, this works very well). If that does not work, no problem: just do as many pushups as possible without weight.

Bulgarian Splits Squats:

For Bulgarian Split Squats you put your back foot on a chair or similar. Take the dumbbell in both hands in front of the chest and do one-legged squats. Important: Your knee should stay behind your toes, so the front foot has to be positioned far enough forward. And do not forget your second leg!

Renegade Rows:

Renegade rows are different from “regular” rows in that you are in a pushup position, supporting yourself with one hand on the ground, and doing the rowing movement with the other hand. To keep your balance here you should position your legs very wide. Optimal training for your latissimus and torso!

Lateral raise followed by Front raises:

For the last exercise, you perform lateral raises directly followed by front raises. If you have two dumbbells, you can of course do it for both hands at the same time. For lateral raises, you raise the dumbbell with the arm extended sideways, for the front raise you do the same, but this you lift the dumbbell in front of your chest with your arm extended. For both exercises, it is important to perform the exercise with as little momentum as possible. Move the weight as controlled as possible, upwards AND downwards!

Do you have questions concerning this workout plan or specific exercises? Let me know in the comments or write a message!
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